Out of sight, out of mind

Out of sight , out of mind
This thought came in mind when i got off from facebook for sometime. Need of connection is much higher than need of affection in me. Feeling so ambiguous, like grey character. I love it as much i hate it. Everyone try to control and comment on what u think, because by sharing it i invite the opinions, judgement, ideas, thoughts over thoughts. Being free from that control i love being out of sight. But that makes me out of mind and it hurts! When someone is so all over my mind that i am not able to think devoid of his thoughts, then i wish when he is out of sight he should be out of mind also..but that wish is never granted!


he calls me to surrender…. i smile and hide behind my shades… or my heart will reveal my secret… eyes are bad at lying.. i am there out somewhere….

free from sight and mind…



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Still discovering my new self everyday!
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2 Responses to Out of sight, out of mind

  1. vivek543 says:

    melancholic again !!! beautiful words … almost like a rendition. Eyes are the window of soul, wish the soul could be appeased with some envelop.. the persuit is on . Wordsmith!!! Bows!!!!

    • gags says:

      Vivek bows to u for so much appreciation! M not worth it , really!! I myself being such a critique cant digest good words for myself.. So dont be so kind to me!

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